Moderna Dose #1 ✅

I can’t even put into words how relieved I am right now to have this shot in my arm. When I found out I qualified for phase II of NYC vaccine rollout I was grappling with an immense feeling of relief mixed with intense guilt.

Thanks to my fabulous therapist, the guilt is pretty much gone, and I am experiencing mostly relief and joy at the fact I am this much closer to being able to do the things I love, like seem my loved ones and travel to warm places.

That being said, there are tremendous problems with this vaccine’s rollout. My appointment today was actually rescheduled from last week because the city ran out of vax. Then today, hardly anyone was there because the City didn’t email people they had rescheduled them.

It’s a shit show. There are so many barriers to getting this thing. I’m happy I can now at least be in a better head space whole continuing to work on vax equity moving forward.