Some sunshine in your feed☀️ God knows I need it today. I am having the worst day unfortunately. Started with the community garden complaints this morning, I just feel like it’s too much to be leading there and I really feel like I should walk away while I still have some sanity left. On the other hand I put in so much work to bring that place @powersstgarden to where it is now – it hurts so bad that I’m the one who doesn’t get to enjoy the results of our work. Then I received a @sprint bill of $381 instead of $160. Called them, was put on hold forever and hung up on. On top of that I asked my husband if we could rent a car so we can move around more but he doesn’t seem to want it at all. And given that he is the one who can drive – well it’s his decision mostly. I never learned 🙈 And well Kaylen is being Kaylen- indoors all day today 🤪🤪 Please anyone let me know your reason to smile today, because I need it 😢 #momlife #nyclife #nyccovid19 #nycproblems